BA (hons) Psychology & Philosophy; DClinPsych; PGDip (Clin Neuropsychol); QICN

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Niels’ approach focusses on bringing caring attention to moment-by-moment shifts in emotion and anxiety and observing unhelpful habits of emotion coping, with a view to finding new options and a more flexible and emotionally satisfying way of being yourself and being with others. 

Niels studied Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford University in the early 1990’s, before working in the NHS for several years as an assistant psychologist and then training as a Clinical Psychologist in the late 1990’s, completing his doctorate in 2000. Since qualifying he has worked in the NHS specialising in working with people with neurological disorders. His work includes therapy and neuropsychological assessment, and he has run a mindfulness group programme since 2009. He has trained in and mainly uses Experiential Dynamic Therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, and also uses techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Niels works part-time at Headington Psychotherapy and also holds the NHS post of Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital.



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